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Neighbourhood Premier Badminton League


Neighbourhood Premier Badminton League is aimed at providing club level casual players a platform to showcase their talent and to meet new friends, and yet extremely competitive. This league is being jointly organised by prominent badminton clubs of Chennai, namely BBR Badminton Club of Chrompet, MAGROS Badminton Club of Keelkattalai, DATB Badminton Club of Thirunindravur, and VKV Badminton Club of West Tambaram. Total number of entries is restricted to first 48 teams. REGISTER ONLINE THROUGH where2play.in or where2play MOBILE APPS AND PAY ONLY Re. 1000 PER TEAM AS AGAINST Re. 1200 DIRECT!!!!! Hurry!!! Register now before it's too late!



Prabhu, Na Balaji, Subramanian

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# 9790969259, 8939617741, 9952934528


BBR Badminton Club

MAGROS Badminton Club

DTAB Badminton Club

VKV Badminton Club


Registration Dates: 19-Jul-2016
Tournament Dates: 06-Aug-2016 - 07-Aug-2016




  • Premier Badminton League Team Event

    (3 persons per team)

    Registration open at 19th July 2016

    Rs. 1000



This tournament is for club members only.

Each team consists of three players.

Each team should have 2 beginner level players and 1 veteran (35+) player.

In total three Games will be played by a team in each Match, namely Game #1 - B1 + Veteran, Game #2 B1 + B2 and Game #3 - B2 + Veteran.  Note each player can only play two Games per Match.

In total each team will play three matches in round robin format before qualifying to the knockout stage.

All round robin matches will be played in 1 set 21 points format.

All knockout matches, including the FINALS, will be played in 1 set 30 points format.

Maximum number of teams will be the first 48 teams registered.  Teams will be grouped into four groups, namely A, B, C, and D, and will play their opening round matches at the following venues.  Teams in Group A will play at BBR Badminton Club, Chrompet.  Teams in Group B will play at VKV Badminton Club, West Tambaram.  Teams in Group C will play at DATB Badminton Club, Thirunindravur.  Teams in Group D will play at MAGROS Badminton Club, Keelkattalai.

Semifinals and Finals will be played at VKV Badminton Club, West Tambaram, on August 7th Sunday.

All matches will played in Mavis 350 synthetic shuttlecocks.

Quality Lunch will be provided to participants free of cost.

The umpires and organizers shall be the sole judges of the events, in all matters concerned even in case of venue selections for the matches.

Tournament organizers are the final authority for decisions involving tournament logistics.  Logistics include, but are not limited to: Venue selection, ensuring tournament equipment is in working order, tournament registration, tournament length and timing, and prize structures.

Participants/team should comply to all the rules and regulations that are in place in each of the participating venues.

Proper court shoes must be clean and dry, and have non marking soles. Players must change into their court shoes in the lounge or locker room areas before entering the court. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

For more details regarding format, rules and regulations please contact the tournament organizing secretaries, Mr. Prabhu at 9790969259 and Mr. Na. Balaji at 8939617741

For questions regarding online registration - Contact 9952934528